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Hidden Mountain Data delivers the best in custom software, data engineering, and cloud computing.

All projects we take on are worked on with all our heart! Anything less stops short of perfection.

Hidden Mountain Data

Our specialties

We're problem solvers! The harder the problem, the better. Tough challenges keep us engaged and interested. We're a consultancy of many talents and we're here to help you find the right solution to your business.


We focus on building custom software web and mobile apps and lean heavily into the JAMStack and serverless architectures to ensure maximum stability, deliverability, and velocity.


Data is everywhere. Whether you are building a data lake, modern data warehouse, or got that next idea for your data, we can help. We are lovers of open source and rave of technologies such as Airflow and dbt.


AWS, Azure, GCP. We use them all on a regular basis and most of our employees are certified in at least one of them. We believe in automation and will always look to turn your cloud infrastructure into code.


Welcome to a World of AI Excellence: Your Gateway to Comprehensive AI Expertise, Fostering Innovation and Transforming Possibilities.


Exploring the Blockchain Ecosystem: Our Platform is Your Gateway to Expertise, Enabling You to Harness the Full Spectrum of Distributed Ledger Technology.

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